Komische Oper: The Raft of the Medusa


The Komische Oper opens the 23/24 season in Hangar 1 at the former Tempelhof Airport with the play: “The Raft of the Medusa” directed by Tobias Kratzer.

It is an all-round gigantic production for an opera company. Three main actors, 83 choir members, over 40 extras and 20 singers from the boys’ choir, perform in and around the huge water basin.

In order to achieve this in the former aircraft hangar with a reverberation time of over 9 seconds, the MMT Group designed elaborate room acoustics and the immersive sound system. The sound system concept was implemented with d&b audio technology: Soundscape 2 x DS100, 80 x T10 and various point sources. More about this can be found in the video interview.

A change in management

A change in management

MMT Network GmbH starts optimistically going into 2023 with the changing of a managing director.
2022 was an exciting and positive year for MMT Network GmbH. The company has continued to grow in terms of personnel and is starting the rejuvenation process.

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